About Us

”Karabakh Carpet” company was established in Artsakh in 2013.

Our company is a manufacturer of hand knotted rugs. We have a factory in the capital of Nagorno – Karabakh Republic Stepanakert as well as in Shushi, in Jartar- the cultural and renowned rug weaving centers of Artsakh.

The company is a major manufacturer of a variety of Armenian, in particular, typical Artsakh rugs.

Artsakh is one of the exceptional areas providing rich and exclusive vision on the Armenian rug weaving art.

We make rugs, each of which has a unique cultural value.

Our factory complex has the potential to satisfy the whims of the most capricious customers, producing rugs of various size, density, ornamentation and coloration.

We use one of the best raw materials for rug weaving: Karabakh breed sheep wool. The weft of our production is cotton, the knot is Armenian (double). We preserve and develop the best traditions of Artsakh rug weaving art.