International experts and artists in Karabakh Carpet Company factory


From November 20 till 22, 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, an international conference for the discussion on key issues related to the Armenian carpet making culture launched in Yerevan, which carried the title “The Armenian Junction: The Traditions of Carpet Making”.

Within the frameworks of the conference issues on Armenian rug weaving culture were discussed, mainly the place of Armenian rug weaving art in the system of the rug weaving culture of the southwest Asia, Armenian rugs decoration and its peculiarities, Armenian rugs in other countries museums, private collections of Armenian rugs, embroidery, lace and miniature, traditional and contemporary rugs, modern technologies for renovating the rugs.

The conference brought together reputable experts from the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Lebanon, Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh.

In the conference were also engaged carpet-making organizations. Karabakh Carpet company director Sevak Khatchatryan also took part in the conference as a representative from Artsakh.

Some of the members visited Artsakh after the conference and got acquainted with rug making process in Artsakh. Visiting Karabakh Carpet Company, the participants of the conference shared with their impressions.

“I am very glad and surprised for what I saw in Artsakh. Being in Karabakh Carpet Company and getting to know the company conditions and products, I felt myself very proud, and really all these are good reasons to be proud – noted Gurgen Arakelyan, who was representing Spain in the conference, and added – actually an evident part of the rugs at auction in the world are Karabakhian rugs. In fact, Karabakh rugs are known to the world, only conditions need to be created so that the product can be taken out to the international market.”

“The results of my studies in Karabakh Carpet Company show that the rugs produced in the factory have very good quality, the raw material is clean and natural, and it’s not synthetic. Today, the world seeks to obtain handmade works with natural content, and this company only makes such products” – said specialist G. Arakelyan.

Ashkhunj Poghosyan, candidate in historical sciences specialized in the carpet arts, senior expert, was one of the organizers of the international conference held in Yerevan. According to him, the conference originally had three directions, “The international conference had a number of directions and aims. The major one was the idea that we can directly express our thoughts and ideas to people who are involved in the research works of rug making culture.

As ensures the rug expert “Today the rugs made in Artsakh are demanded products. It has been long time that I follow the activities of the rug-factory in Artsakh, Personally I gave enough sketches to the company. Certainly there are different tastes and demands in the world. All the rugs woven in this factory are typical to Artsakh rug-weaving culture. There is a high competition in the rug-weaving market, and “Karabakh Carpet” just makes the first steps of development, evidently it will be difficult to have a place in that market, but we must work on it and I am sure that one day Artsakh rugs will have their special place in the international market.”

“Karabakhian rug has a very significant tradition – noted the international conference participant Italian specialist Stefano Ionescu who visited Karabakh carpet Company – “when you deal with something traditional and ancient, it is difficult to replicate it. Ancient Karabakhian rugs are examples of high art. These are rugs for modern consumers, which can serve as decorations for their homes. I am happy to see this factory; everything is properly organized, with good conditions, which is a very important circumstance. I am glad to see young employees in the staff. As for the international market, it is difficult to understand it, it has its peculiarities. Perhaps today this is one of the best manifestations of Armenian traditional rugs, but still it needs to grow more.”

Tadeusz Maydan, polish artist and professor, who also visited Artsakh, noted that mostly he likes the color of Karabakhian rugs, which is particular “I think you can present these rugs in international market. Many people will like them”.