“Karabakh Carpet” Company brand stores will be opened in Yerevan and Los Angeles


Since July 2013 “Karabakh Carpet” Company has taken serious steps in recovering Armenian carpet-weaving traditions.”Artsakhpress” conducted an interview with the director of “Karabakh Carpet” Company Sevak Khachatryan.

- Mr. Khachatryan, during implementation of the project “Karabakh Carpet” Company NKR government, apart from the economic side, often stressed the need to restore the Armenian traditions of carpet weaving. What have you done over this time?

-  Yes,  indeed,  you  rightly  pointed  out  that  the  main  purpose  of  “Karabakh Carpet” Company  is the  restoration  of the  rich  culture  and traditions  of  carpet weaving. Especially, when the main leadership  of  Azerbaijan  brazenly  declares  and  presents  worldwide  Armenian,  in  particular Karabakh,  carpets  as  theirs.  So  since  the  date  of  creation  of  the  company  we  are  actively working.  It’s  already  three  months  we  have  carpets  ready  for  sale.  Our  first  major  client was “National Lottery”. 335 carpets in the near future will be awarded to the winners. About two months  ago  representatives  of  different  countries,  specialists in  carpet  weaving  art  visited  our company. They were impressed  by the level  of the large-scale  production,  and  already  have  a verbal contract with carpet sale organizations.

- Year has just begun, what programs have you planned for the implementation of the project?

- In 2014 we plan to introduce our products not only in Armenia, but also international exhibition sales. We  are already in the  stage  of  negotiations  with  some international  specialists.  Tourists from Finland, Norway, the UK who visited our company were impressed and purchased samples of our carpets.

- How the price of a carpet is determined?

-  Carpet  prices  depend  on  the  density (on  average,  32  density  carpets, 1  square  meter  is equivalent to 140,000 ADM). Of course, there are carpets that are more difficult to work with, which increases the cost of the carpet.

- How to choose carpet colors, patterns, how they are used in the production of traditional versions?

- Until now, with the help of photos found from research scientists, we tried to restore the ancient Armenian carpets. This is a huge breakthrough in the preservation of Armenian art. It is known that most of our carpets were stolen by Azerbaijanis. Today they are represented in museums as their own products. In addition to traditional work our designers plan to create new designs for carpets, of course, based on our nation ‘s rich culture.

- What efforts are being made so as Artsakh carpets were available to buyers?

- To present our work to the buyer, a website was created in five languages​​, it’s work has been delayed  because  of technical  problems,  but  soon the  problem will  be  solved. Soon in Yerevan and in  Los  Angeles “Karabakh Carpet” Company  brand  stores  will  be  opened. Another important point is that each rug will have a passport, author’s name, and most importantly, it will be noted that the carpet was made ​​in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

- It’s no secret that the establishment of the company is of great economic importance for our country. Mr. Khachatryan, how many employees does the company have and what is the average salary?

- Presently we have two workshops in Shushi and Stepanakert, which employs more than 120 people, and their average salary is 75,000 AMD. Until now, no one’s desire to work as a manufacturer of carpets has not been rejected. In a few days our branch in Chartar village of Martuni region will be opened. Workshop building is ready, we have 25 employees, but taking into consideration the number of those interested in this work it may be increased to 50 carpet makers.